Trivia & Bingo are Coming Back!!

I am so happy to announce that starting next week Team Trivia and Team Bingo are coming back to Deep Creek! Governor Hogan has eased restrictions on restaurants to allow outside dining. Our friends at Mountain State Brewing Company have reopened their doors and are now taking reservations for seating! Join us this Thursday 6/4 at 6:30 for a game of Team Trivia, and Sunday 6/7 at 1:00 for Team Bingo! Here are some things to remember: The shows are depended on the weather because we have to be outside. Space is very limited and a reservation is required to get a seat. They will not seat walk-ins, so follow this link to reserve your spot today (

Graduation Parties

It’s graduation time for those High School Seniors! the COVID-19 pandemic really put a hamper on those celebration plans but as state restrictions start to ease its time to think about that graduation party! Norman Networking and Promotions is offering the 2020 20% discount for 2020 graduation parties! Take your graduates party to the next level and book by 6/20 for your discount!

NN&P PRESENTS: Takeout Bingo

It’s been too long since I’ve been able to host a bingo game! I was so happy to sponsor this, I love and believe in our community and Norman Networking and Promotions is here to support it. Grab yourself a card and support these awesome people for a chance to win!

“Join us May 11 – June 8, in showing local restaurants our love and support by playing the official Garrett County Chamber of Commerce Takeout BINGO! Help your neighbors and enter to win a $50 gift card to a Garrett County Chamber of Commerce member of your choice, a free two-night stay in a deluxe dog den or a cat condo at HART for Animals, Inc. ($70 value), or a $20 gift card to The Vagabond Taproom! Screen shot the Takeout BINGO card, sponsored by Norman Networking & Promotions, and play along!” – Garrett County Chamber of Commerce

For more Rules Visit:

Here are the rules:

Whats the DJ Difference?

Hiring a DJ to perform at your party is often hotly debated. I mean, iPod’s have shuffle don’t they? Why spend the money on a DJ? This was an interesting question the researches at Finland’s prestigious Jyväskylä University set out to answer. Their Studies showed that participants that attended parties with a DJ had a 92% increase in the enjoyment from the participants than parties that didn’t. Interesting data also showed that parties with DJ’s have higher attendance averages and more participation in party games/charitable endeavors.

DJ’s are professionals that can read the ebb and flow of their crowds, adjust music to maintain optimal mood and most importantly they allow you to be present for your event. You don’t have to take my word for it and you don’t have to trust the study, but I if you have a party or event coming up, call NN&P and we will show you the difference!

Live Wedding Chat

The 2020 Deep Creek and Garrett County wedding season is coming up and I’m sure you have questions. Join me and 11 other DCL area wedding professionals for a virtual wedding Q&A panel on Monday May, 18th at 2:00pm. Registration is required to attend and space is limited so grab your spot today.

NN&P vs. Covid-19

The Official Stuff: First and foremost our priority is the health and safety of our customers and clients. We are complying with all Maryland State executive orders. Customers that have to cancel their events due to the Corona Virus pandemic may do so without fear of penalty or recourse. Customers with contracts will be given rescheduling priority for their events.

Lets Talk: During the course of this pandemic I wont lie I lost a lot of business. If you would have told me in December 87% of my business would evaporate because of corona virus I would have laughed. Then again most if not all of us would have. This unprecedented event hit us all hard and I’m blessed to say with Gods help Norman Networking and Promotions will weather this storm and continue to serve clients in the post-corona world.

We are going to beat this thing, and when we do, NN&P is here to help you party.

2019 Stats

I am so excited for the 2020 wedding and event season. NN&P was able to accomplish a lot last year and as this new season approaches lets take a look at some stats from last years season:

Norman Networking and Promotions 2019 Stats:

Weddings: 17

Special Events: 19

Private parties: 15

Game Shows: 156

Accolades/Successes: Hit 700 Game Shows! Hit 140th Career Weddings! Garrett County Diplomat of the Year!!

Most Requested Party Song: Baby Shark (119 requests)

Most Requested Reception Entrance: “24k Magic”

Most Requested Party Closing Song: “Country Roads”

Most Asked Question: “Wheres the bathroom?”

Elderly seated directly in front of my speakers: 47

Businesses Supported: 26

Charities Supported: 7

People Entertained/Lives Improved: 18,500

TBT the First NN&P Wedding

Newly-Weds: Higginbotham

It’s hard to believe I’ve done 142 weddings & special events since this one. I had been cutting my teeth in radio, game show hosting, and had DJ’ed more wedding that I could count but this one meant something more. It was the first wedding I MC’ed as Dj Connor of Norman Networking and Promotions. The Higginbotham’s were one of the most relaxed and kind couples I had ever had the pleasure of working with. I get to see them here and there and it’s always great to catch up and reminisce on that night when they drop in for a game of Team Trivia once in a while. Speaking of firsts this is probably the first Throwback Thursday post I’ve ever made in my life how funny is that?