Whats the DJ Difference?

Hiring a DJ to perform at your party is often hotly debated. I mean, iPod’s have shuffle don’t they? Why spend the money on a DJ? This was an interesting question the researches at Finland’s prestigious Jyväskylä University set out to answer. Their Studies showed that participants that attended parties with a DJ had a 92% increase in the enjoyment from the participants than parties that didn’t. Interesting data also showed that parties with DJ’s have higher attendance averages and more participation in party games/charitable endeavors.

DJ’s are professionals that can read the ebb and flow of their crowds, adjust music to maintain optimal mood and most importantly they allow you to be present for your event. You don’t have to take my word for it and you don’t have to trust the study, but I if you have a party or event coming up, call NN&P and we will show you the difference!

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