NN&P vs. Covid-19

The Official Stuff: First and foremost our priority is the health and safety of our customers and clients. We are complying with all Maryland State executive orders. Customers that have to cancel their events due to the Corona Virus pandemic may do so without fear of penalty or recourse. Customers with contracts will be given rescheduling priority for their events.

Lets Talk: During the course of this pandemic I wont lie I lost a lot of business. If you would have told me in December 87% of my business would evaporate because of corona virus I would have laughed. Then again most if not all of us would have. This unprecedented event hit us all hard and I’m blessed to say with Gods help Norman Networking and Promotions will weather this storm and continue to serve clients in the post-corona world.

We are going to beat this thing, and when we do, NN&P is here to help you party.

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